To get traffic to your website is tough. It can be easy if you know how. Just follow the SEO guideline, create great content using your keywords and share. Sounds simple but it can be a tricky thing if you are just starting your website. You can use a few other strategies but other people might have the same idea as you. Thank God there is another way. An easy way to showcase your content and stands apart from your competitors.

Create visuals in your content. Not the usual photos but create infographics, and you can do it free with Canva.

Why Use Visuals in Your Content?

You must have read that 65% of people are visual learners. That a whopping 90% of the information that goes to the brain is visual. And 43% of the content with visuals are more persuasive. But wait, the best part is, this type of article gets 94% more views! (I can do an infographic with this facts!)

Hence, it makes sense to have visuals (photos, illustrations or videos) in your content. Better still, infographic.

What Is Infographic?

Canva described infographic as:

Make complex information eye-catching, shareable and easily digestible. They can help boost engagement on your social media profiles. Make your presentations interesting and transform your marketing materials to have a greater impact.

It is like saying a picture is worth a thousand words. You summarize the information and present it in one graphical format that can be easily understood.  It must be visually engaging to be shareable on the social media. This will increase traffic to your site and benefits search engine optimization.

An example of an infographic is like to the one I created below:

create infographics free, infographics in seo

What Is Canva?

Canva is a free online tool to transform your information or idea into a visual content. It can be in the form of an infographic, blog graphic, blog title or social media post. You can also do it as a poster, documents, and marketing materials such as menu, flyers, etc. Yup, there are tons of templates. Most of these are free to use and ideal for a non-professional designer like me. The premium templates, images, and illustrations are sold at $1 apiece. This is very affordable. But don’t worry. The free items are more than enough to produce thousands of infographics.

Once done, you can save it in Canva, download it as jpg, png or as a PDF file.

How to Use Canva

Getting started with Canva is easy. The interface is intuitive and self-explanatory and uses the drag-and-drop feature. So it is no big deal if this is your first time. I can also list out the ‘how-to’ here but it is already available on its website.  You can also watch this video instead and increase your learning curve a lot more.

If you had worked on PowerPoint or other image editing apps before, you will find it easy to understand and use Canva. If you have any problem, just let me know. I will try my best to answer.

Do a Simple Infographic Design

There are many infographics out there cramped with texts, graphics, and colors. It can be confusing and mind-numbing, like the example shown below. I will not be wasting my time trying to read it and I am sure you wouldn’t either. I know this is an extreme example but I think you get my point.

complex infographic

When you design an infographic, do in a simple and concise manner that will be shareable.

Follow these tips to create informative and beautiful infographics:

  • Firstly, ensure all information are accurate and contextually relevant.
  • Don’t cram every available space with texts and graphics. By spacing out your design, you get whitespace. This will be easy to the eyes and improves readability. Whitespace is a space without any design elements. It can be the margin, space between column, text, and graphics. And it doesn’t have to be white. It can be filled with any color. See my example of ‘Benefits of Infographics in SEO’ above.
  • Go through Canva’s free template and choose a simple layout that has whitespace (ALL have it). The beauty of Canva is their template that is adaptable and editable to fit your need.
  • Canva has several icons and illustrations. Go through them and use only SIMILAR style icons throughout your work.
  • Once you decided, maintain the style by matching with the right fonts.  If your content is of serious nature use a simple icon. Then match it with a serious/business typeface. If the content is more relax and entertaining, use colorful icon and fun fonts. But don’t go overboard with this type of fonts. It can be difficult to read throughout your content. Use it for headings or sub-headings with 20 characters or less. Maintain this consistent style throughout your work. Examples of the business typeface are Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Courier, etc. Fun fonts are Comic Sans MS, Lucida Handwriting, Tempas Sans ITC, etc.
  • Aligned your icons and text to make your content easier to read. If you think this is tough, don’t worry. Canva has grid line that helps to align your text, icons, illustrations etc. with each other
  • Next, chose the right color scheme. You can use your company’s corporate colors as your color scheme. Or pick one primary color and use complementary colors as a combination. Other inspiration can come from your content itself. In the example below on How to Grow Pineapple from Top, I used orange as the primary color. This is the color of a ripe pineapple. I use black and yellow to complement orange, and white to add ‘color’. If you read an article on color styling, they recommend using at most four colors for your color scheme.

how to grow pineapple from top infographic

With these good design tips, you are now ready to do your own amazing infographics. To learn more, at Canva website, click on Design School, then on Tutorial. For more inspirations and ideas, I usually head over to Pinterest. They have good collections of great graphics. Use it only as an inspiration, but don’t copy.

Another site that has awesome collections of graphics and illustrations is Creative Market. Although most are for sales they are good sources for inspirations. Creative Market does offer discounts as well as a weekly free download. Just sign up as a member (free) and you will be notified when this is available. The photo below is an offer for Infographic Mega Bundle going for 82% discount. This is a limited time offer but if you click on the photo it will take you to the FREE DOWNLOAD page.

creative market free download

Can I Do Infographic in Other Design Size?

Yes, you can. There is no standard infographic size. While the majority are vertical (portrait size 800px x 2000px, as per my first example on benefits of infographic), you can also do them as a blog graphic (800px x 1200px as per my second example on pineapple) or as blog title in 560px x 315px (as per my chimpanzee example, below). You can find all these and more at Canva.

Below are examples of infographics and blog title that I did in the size smaller than the vertical 800px x 2000px.

health benefits of mineral water infographic

I did this for my article on the Health Benefits of Mineral Water at HubPages. This is a website where members write content and share revenue with owners of HubPages.

Another example, also at HubPages, is the Health Benefits of Dragon Fruits. I use Blog Graphic size for this.

health benefits of dragon fruits infographic

This article on Tax Clearance in Malaysia is in Blog Title Size. It is very simple with a photo on the left and text block on the right.

penalty for delay in tax clearance submission infographic

For more examples of graphics that I did for this website, please browse through my home page. Or you can check my article Is Coffee Good for Men? for the infographic summarizing the coffee benefits.

Appreciate your comment, both negative and positive about these graphics.

Other Infographic Creators Software

There are several other free and paid software that you can use to create an infographic. One example is Piktochart. This tutorial, ‘Create Your Own Infographic’, gives a good overview of what is infographic and how to use Piktochart to create one. Piktochart is free for casual users. To use the better templates, you need to upgrade and monthly fee starts at $29/month.

Share Your Infographics Here

Do you own infographic now and share it here. I love to see your work and maybe get feedback from other readers as well. See you soon.

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